Hennessy XO Symbole tour, the Pavilions cellar in Cognac
The story of Hennessy
After a boat-trip on the Charente River, discover all the sides of Maison Hennessy, and its iconic cognac, Hennessy X.O, during a multi-sensory tour.
Hennessy XO Symbole tour, barrels in the traditional ageing cellar, eaux-de-vie and cognac, wine tourism
The traditional ageing cellar
Surrounded by rows of oak casks in an aroma-filled, semi-darkened cellar… Discover the art of ageing cognac in an authentic working cellar, its walls blackened by the evaporation of the eaux-de-vie, known as the “angel’s share”.
Hennessy Symbole tour, blending and tasting of Hennessy XO with experts
The tasting
Explore the aromas of this iconic product via different tasting rituals.
« Hennessy X.O, the House’s iconic cognac, created in 1870, unveils itself to you during an unparalleled experience of the world of Hennessy. »

Unlock the secrets of the renowned Hennessy X.O
 during a multi-sensory tour on both sides of the Charente River. After learning about the history and the craft of the brand and its contemporary surroundings, appreciate the art of ageing eaux-de-vie in an authentic working cellar.

The highlight of the visit is the chance to discover how Hennessy X.O is assembled and the ways in which it is consumed.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian
Duration: 90 minutes

Boat Trip
Pavilions cellar
Traditional ageing cellar

Tour programme

Boat Trip
Pavilions cellar
Traditional ageing cellar
HennessyX.O Symbole
From April to November

Practical Information

Opening times

From 1 January to 31 March 2020

Open Tuesday to Saturday
Tours: from 10:45am to 4pm
Shop: 10:30am - 12:30pm; 1:45pm - 6pm

Closures : Wednesday 1st January and from Tuesday 7 to Tuesday 21st January 

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