Hennessy XO Symbole tour, the Pavilions cellar in Cognac
The story of Hennessy
After a boat-trip on the Charente River, discover all the sides of Maison Hennessy, and its iconic cognac, Hennessy X.O, during a multi-sensory tour.
Hennessy XO Symbole tour, barrels in the traditional ageing cellar, eaux-de-vie and cognac, wine tourism
The traditional ageing cellar
Surrounded by rows of oak casks in an aroma-filled, semi-darkened cellar… Discover the art of ageing cognac in an authentic working cellar, its walls blackened by the evaporation of the eaux-de-vie, known as the “angel’s share”.
Hennessy Symbole tour, blending and tasting of Hennessy XO with experts
The tasting
Explore the aromas of this iconic product via different tasting rituals.
« Hennessy X.O, the House’s iconic cognac, created in 1870, unveils itself to you during an unparalleled experience of the world of Hennessy. »

Unlock the secrets of the renowned Hennessy X.O
 during a multi-sensory tour on both sides of the Charente River. After learning about the history and the craft of the brand and its contemporary surroundings, appreciate the art of ageing eaux-de-vie in an authentic working cellar.

The highlight of the visit is the chance to discover how Hennessy X.O is assembled and the ways in which it is consumed.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian
Duration: 90 minutes

Boat Trip
Pavilions cellar
Traditional ageing cellar

Tour programme

Boat Trip
Pavilions cellar
Traditional ageing cellar
HennessyX.O Symbole
From April to November

Practical Information

Opening times

From 1st April to 30 June 2020
Open every day
Tours: from 10:30am to 5:30pm
Shop: from 10am to 7:30pm

Closures : Wednesday 1st May

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