An exclusive boat trip across the Charente during the Hennessy Signature tour in Cognac, wine tourism
The boat trip
In a Hennessy exclusive, embark on a boat trip across the Charente River to discover the town, its history and the importance of the river in the development of cognac. Visit the places where Richard Hennessy began to write the story of the Hennessy Maison over 250 years ago.
Hennessy Signature tour multi-sensory experience at the Pavilions cellar in Cognac
The Pavilions Cellar
A multi-sensory, high-tech and aesthetic tour to discover the story of the Hennessy Maison, as well as the craftsmanship and individual people who have made Hennessy what it is today and sealed its international reputation.
Hennessy Signature tour - tasting rituals of Hennessy VS and VSOP
The tasting
Discover the rituals of cognac tasting in the footsteps of the members of the Hennessy Tasting Committee. An authentic experience.
« An immersion behind the scenes of Maison Hennessy. »

Plunge into the history, craftsmanship and secrets of Maison Hennessy. Blending authenticity and modernity, this tour on both sides of the Charente River promises to be a unique experience.

The highlight of the visit: learning to taste like an expert and acquaint yourself with the secrets of how Hennessy V.S and V.S.O.P are assembled and savoured.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian
Duration: 90 minutes

Boat Trip
Pavilions cellar
Traditional ageing cellar

Tour programme

Boat Trip
Pavilions cellar
Traditional ageing cellar
From April to November

Practical Information

Opening times

From July 12th to November 08th 2020

Open Tuesday to Saturday
Tours: from 10:30am to 5:30pm
Shop: from 10am to 7:30pm

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Rue de la Richonne,
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