Tour of the cognac vineyard and the Domaine de la Bataille, a property belonging to Maison Hennessy, wine tourism
The vineyard
Learn about Cognac's vineyards, their characteristics, and the various wines and grape varieties. In the summer, take a stroll among the vines, away from the banks of the Charente, and explore the Domaine de la Bataille, a property owned by Maison Hennessy.
"From Grape to Glass" takes you on a tour of the Peu distillery, the soul of Hennessy's production.
"From Grape to Glass" takes you on a tour of the Peu distillery, the soul of Hennessy's production. Here you can see the work that takes place during the distillation season (from autumn to the end of March). You will have an opportunity to admire the beautiful stills as you are initiated into the art of distillation. The mysteries of the transformation of wine into eau-de-vie will be revealed!
Hennessy à la carte tour - exclusive vertical eaux-de-vie tasting, in Cognac
The tasting
Learn about the art of professional tasting, in relation to ageing and the subtleties of blending, as if you were a member of Hennessy's Tasting Committee! You will taste two of our most exceptional cognacs, accompanied by canapés prepared by our chef.
« The ‘From Grapes to Glass’ tour allows your to visit the inner enclaves of the Maison Hennessy. »

After a personal welcome at La Richonne, our headquarters on the banks of the Charente, your tour begins in the Chai des Pavillons, on the other side of the river. You will learn about the history of the Maison Hennessy, its centuries-old expertise and the spread of its reputation all over the world. From there, you will embark on an experience designed to reflect the seasons in the vineyard and the main cycles in the tasks that are carried out, from the growing of the grapes to the production of the eaux-de-vie and their ageing.
This is why we offer an "Autumn-Winter” tour, which coincides with the distillation season, and a "Spring-Summer” tour, which is more focused on the cycle in the vineyard.

For the "Autumn-Winter” tour, during the distillation period (ending 31 March at the latest*), you visit the Peu distillery, the soul of Hennessy’s production, a place of eaux-de-vie, copper, wood, bricks and fire. Our professional distillers will reveal a little of their expertise, in particular regarding the timing of the "cut". You will learn about each of the key steps in the distillation process: the wine, the "brouillis” (initial distillate), the heads and tails, and finally the heart.

For the "Spring-Summer” tour, we take advantage of the warmer weather for a stroll in the vineyard, and an opportunity to meet the people who grow the grapes. You will visit the Domaine de la Bataille, where your guide will explain the winemaking process, the soil, and the different wines and grape varieties in Cognac’s vineyards. This is followed by a visit of the Peu distillery. Immersed in the unique atmosphere of our stills and their rich history, you will be introduced to Hennessy’s special distillation techniques.

Returning to Cognac, you then continue your programme, crossing the Charente by boat to dock at the Chai de la Faïencerie, a famous site where the cognacs are aged. After this visit, it’s back on board, to return to La Richonne by water.
Here, you will be accompanied to a private lounge for a special tasting. First you will sample some eaux-de-vie that are in the process of ageing, so that you can appreciate the maturing process. Then you will be experience the art of blending, illustrated by two of our most iconic cognacs: XO and Paradis.
At the end of this tour, you will be accompanied to the Hennessy Boutique, where you can discover the various cognacs and collections that are available for sale.

*The distillation period varies from one year to the next, please check with our teams when reserving your tour

Duration: Half-day
Languages: French, English, Spanish, Chinese

The "From Grape to Glass" tour is not available in August.

Please note that for health reasons, domestic animals are not allowed during the visit.

Pavilions Cellar
La Bataille vineyard
Le Peu distillery
Traditional ageing cellar
The "Paradis" Cellar
Themed tasting

Tour programme

Pavilions Cellar
La Bataille vineyard
Le Peu distillery
Traditional ageing cellar
The "Paradis" Cellar
Themed tasting
HennessyFrom Grape to Glass
Tour only available by reservation (minimum two people)

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