Different ways to
experience Hennessy

Hennessy Initiation

Initiation into the world of Hennessy cognacs

Go behind the scenes to gain an insight into the history and savoir-faire of the Maison Hennessy in an experience sure to delight all your senses. Between April and October, this tour will take you on a journey through Charente to discover the town and the role the river played in developing cognac.
The adventure culminates with an introduction to tasting cognac like a pro, during which you’ll learn the secrets that go into blending and tasting the iconic Hennessy V.S and V.S.O.P.

22€ / pers
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes Tasting of Hennessy V.S neat, V.S.O.P neat, with ice and in a cocktailAll year round (25€ April-November 6th / 22€ November 9th-March)

Hennessy X.O Evolution

Sensory experience celebrating Hennessy X.O cognac

Uncover the secrets of one of the Maison’s most iconic cognacs, Hennessy X.O, through a journey across both banks of the Charente river that’s sure to delight all your senses. After an introduction into the history, savoir-faire and world of the Hennessy brand against a contemporary backdrop, you will move on to the cellar named “Paradis” by the Maison, where some of the our oldest eaux-de-vie are stored.

50€ / pers
Duration 1 hour 45 minutesThemed tasting of Hennessy X.O
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Hennessy Exception

An exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of our exceptional cognacs

Go behind the scenes of Hennessy in this private tour that will take you through the Founder’s Cellar where the most precious eaux-de-vie are stored before performing a tasting ritual in which you will delight in our exceptional Hennessy X.O and Hennessy Paradis cognacs in a private tasting room.

200€ / pers.
Duration: 2 hoursTasting of Hennessy X.O and ParadisReservation required (minimum 2 people)

Hennessy From Grape to Glass

An exceptional tour that changes with the seasons

Discover our most closely guarded secrets! Available throughout the year, this tour changes with the seasons and as the eaux-de-vie are produced. Enjoy a unique, authentic experience which takes you into Maison Hennessy's most private enclaves, usually closed to the public: the vineyard and distillery. Here you will be introduced to the art of blending and our tasting rituals.

350€ / pers.
Duration Half-dayThemed tastingTour only available by reservation (minimum two people)