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Your booking
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    Is it possible to change my booking (time / day of visit, business type)?

    To change your booking, contact us using the online contact form, stating what you would like to change. We will do our very best to satisfy your request.

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    I have to cancel my booking. Will I receive a refund?

    If you booked your tickets fewer than 14 days ago: we will issue a full refund of your tickets in the two weeks following your cancellation. Please, contact our back office departement us using the online contact form,

    If you reserved your tickets more than 14 days ago: your tickets are unfortunately neither refundable nor exchangeable. However, we will do everything possible to offer you another tour date, subject to availability.

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    Can I book by telephone or email?

    We do not currently take bookings by telephone or email. However, it is possible to:
    - make a secure booking and payment on our website, which will guarantee you a place on the tour at the date and time of your choice;
    - buy your tickets on site, for the same day (subject to the number of available places) or another day.

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    How far in advance can I book my tour? How long before the tour departure do I need to book ?

    Bookings can be made up to 6 months ahead of the tour date. The online bookings close 1 hour before the tour departure time.

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    There are no places left on the date I have chosen on your website. Will other tour times be offered?

    Depending on visitor numbers, it is possible that extra tour times will be added. To be kept informed, please contact us as soon as possible using the online contact form.

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    I work for a tourist agency. How should I book?

    Please contact the Sales Department of les Visites Hennessy using our contact form or by phoning +33 (0)5 45 35 72 68.

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    I am planning a visit with a group of at least 15 people (private individuals, club or society, company, etc.). How should I book?

    For information about the tour programme, please contact the Sales Department at Visites Hennessy using our contact form or by phoning +33 (0)5 45 35 72 68.

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    How can I obtain an invoice?

    Your invoice will be available as soon as your online payment has been validated. To access your invoice, go to “My account” on our website.

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    Is it possible to “overbook” online for a fully booked tour?

    In order to ensure that everyone who books in advance can participate in the tour, les Visites Hennessy does not accept overbookings.

Your tour
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    Can I turn up without booking?

    Yes. However, we will only be able to offer you a tour where places remain available. We therefore recommend that you book on our website as far in advance as possible.

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    I am going to arrive late. Who should I contact to reschedule my tour?

    If you are delayed, contact us as soon as possible at +33 (0)5 45 35 06 44. We will do our utmost to offer you an equivalent tour on the same day, subject to availability of course.

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    I made my booking on your website. Where should I present my reservation on arrival ?

    Please come to the welcome desk with your tickets or smartphone: Rue de la Richonne, 16100 Cognac

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    In our group, people speak different languages (French and English). Is it possible to take part in a tour delivered in two languages?

    In order to provide the best possible experience, our tours are delivered in a single language.
    If you wish, some of your group can go on a French tour, and the others on an English tour.

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    Is it possible to choose a different tasting on the same tour?

    Each tasting has been designed to be coherent with the corresponding tour. It is therefore not possible to take a tour and then choose a different tasting session.

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    I do not want to drink alcohol at the tasting. Will alternatives be provided?

    We can serve you organic grape juice from the Charentes vineyards. Please make this request when you arrive at the tour welcome desk.

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    Which payment methods are accepted on site?

    The ticket office and the boutique accept the following payment methods:
    - Cash
    - Cheques (French only)
    - Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Expression and CUP 

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    Can I bring pets along on the tour?

    Our tours are not suitable for pets.
    For the comfort of all, pets are therefore not allowed on our tours.

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    I have a young child. Can I go on the tour with a pram/stroller?

    The entire tour is accessible with a pram/stroller.

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    Is the tour accessible for people with reduced mobility?

    The tour is adapted to people with reduced mobility. To ensure that you are taken care of appropriately, please specify this information as soon as you arrive.

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    Do all tours include a boat cruise?

    April to November: all our tours include a boat cruise
    November to March: the boat cruise is replaced by road transport  

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    Do you have a wifi access on site?

    You can access freely in our boutique and during your visit.
    Our team will advise you at your arrival.